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This is an English wiki for Akatsuki no Kiseki (暁の軌跡) a side-game to Falcom's Kiseki Franchise (also known as Trails in the west). The game is currently only available in Japanese (PC/PS4/PSVita, mobile coming soon!) and Chinese (Mobile). It plays most similarly to that of Ao no Kiseki/Trails to Azure, but with gacha mechanics.

This wiki contains *unmarked spoilers* for relevant entries in the series. Currently, we recommend having played the following games before starting Akatsuki:

  • Trails in the Sky / Sora no Kiseki (FC, SC & 3rd)
  • Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki
  • Trails of Cold Steel / Sen no Kiseki (I/II)

Currently, Akatsuki has no references or spoilers to Trails of Cold Steel / Sen no Kiseki III and IV.

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